About Us

We proudly introduce our ambitious venture “Divine Pilgrim Tourism” as an entity which takes care of Christian Pilgrim Tourism in Kerala. Our Christian faith is important to us and we consider it an honor to offer group travel to people with likeminded values.

We offer to visit major Christian pilgrim centers of Kerala including some famous churches and historic places along with Kerala’s natural beauty of Beaches, Backwaters, Lakes, and Hill stations that can help connecting with our God and feeling HIS presence in this materialistic world and also refreshing our minds.

Our main objective behind offering this service is to make our contribution in boosting Christian pilgrimage tourism in India. We encourage Parish groups, Diocesan groups, Community of Priests, Religious Sisters, Church leaders, Institutions, Individuals and families visit to the Holy places to do so in the spirit of true pilgrims, to walk prayerfully and devoutly in the steps of our Lord and with openness to the movement of the Spirit of Jesus in their lives.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and satisfaction of all concerned.