Places to Visit » Kainakary (Birth Place of Saint Kuriakose Chavara)

Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara was born in 1805, of pious and devout Catholic parents of Syro-Malabar Church, at Kainakary.

Chavara Bhavan is situated at Kainakari village, about 6 km from Alappuzha district in Kerala. Kainakari is the birth place of the Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, who was a Carmelite religious priest. There is an ancient chapel here dedicated to the saint, built on the site of his birth enclosing his ancestral home. Currently it is changed as holy shrine and religious place where large numbers of devotees gather and offer prayer to the god. It is now a holy shrine and spiritual resort where thousands of devotees gather for prayer, receive favours and feel amply gratified. Other attractive thing seen in Chavara Bhavan is beacon lamp. Here, a 250 year old historically important beacon of light is preserved intact in its original and primitive form. It is 450 years old lamp which is preserved well as it was in original form. Mass and the Novena Prayer are held here regularly. There are facilities for meditation (bhajana) at the chapel. The major festival of Chavara Bhavan is celebrated annually during the month of January 3rd. Special prayers are held on the First Saturday of every month. Chavara Bhavan adjacent to the chapel accommodates the priests. The birth Anniversary of the saint is celebrated every year on the Second Saturday and Sunday of February. The place is accessible only by boat. The saint passed away on January 9th and he was buried at Mannanam in Kottayam. There is a shrine in Mannanam also dedicated to him.