Places to Visit » Ramapuram (Blessed Thevarparambil Kunjachan)

Blessed Augustine Thevarparambil (Kunjachan) was a priest who dedicated himself to the spiritual and temporal welfare of a marginalized set of people who were poor and exploited for generations.

In 1926, when Kunjachan became the assistant Vicar of Ramapuram Parish and started his ministry among the Dalits, he saw himself as one among them. He called them his children, his heart beat in sympathy with theirs, partaking of their joys and sorrows, worries, and consolations. It is by fervent prayers, fasting, and acts of penance that he was able to accomplish so much. Even when he fell ill, he would inquire about his beloved "children" and give them instructions from his sick bed. Furthermore, he possessed God’s grace, the charisms of working miracles, and the gift of prophecy. Several occasions have been reported about his foretelling the future of some of his spiritual children and others who trusted in him.

Kunjachan was a man of God. He was in constant communion with the Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament. He spent long hours by day and night to converse with Him and to plead for help of various kinds for his people and for the Church as a whole. He would gladly accept from the hand of God the sorrows that would be his share in the role of Christian witness facing the challenges of earthly living and dying. His life was rooted in faith and nourished by a fervent love of God and man. It was a life fortified by the practice of virtues – the evangelical virtues of poverty, obedience and chastity; the moral virtues of justice, patience, temperance and fortitude. Kunjachan lived his life of virtue and charity at a level of excellence.