Places to Visit » Bharananganam Saint Alphonsa's tomb

The death anniversary of Saint Alphonsa, which falls on the 28th July is an important day for the devotees. Every year on this day, thousands of devotees visit this holy shrine and the Mortuary Chapel, next to the church where the mortal remains of the saint is preserved, to pray and seek her blessings.

The Clarist convent where Sr. Alphonsa lived is located near St. Mary's Forane Church in Bharananganam and to the north of the convent is the Mortuary Chapel inside which the Tomb of Saint Alphonsa is placed. There is a museum adjacent to the chapel where her personal  belonging such as books, umbrella, cot etc. is well preserved. It has a copy of the sermon of Alphonsa’s funeral which reads: "Alphonsa is among the few great souls who lived in India; who have achieved greatness in God’s sight". Adjacent to this, is her room where she spent many years. The cot which she used during her illness is considered most sacred. There is a two floored structure in front of the chapel which was originally the Papal podium for the beatification ceremony on 8th Feb.1986.

History points out that the village Bharananganam has had very important visitors like St. Thomas, the founder of Christianity in the country, social reformer Sree Narayana Guru and Mother Theresa, to name a few. Now there are churches and shrines carrying the name of Saint Alphonsa across Kerala and in other states.