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It is believed that St. George Forane Church at Muthalakodam started its functioning on AD 1312. It is historically evident that it was started on the 9th century AD. This Church owes its origin to the catholic church of Mylakomb which was started on Ad 52. The Church of Mylakomb is popularly known as the Mother Church of east. There is no other opinion about that St. George church of Muthalakodam was divided from this Mother church of east. We indebted to Lordess Mattathil Muthi to establish this church in Muthalakodam. Now this church is a world famous pilgrim centre of Syro-malabar Church which is founded by St. Thomas the Apostle who came in the shore of Kodungalloor in the year AD 52. And kindlect the Lamb of faith in the Southern shores of India. We can see historical evidences about the advent of Christian community in Muthalakodam. In the ancient historical Report of Apostolic Visits named ‘Jornadha ’ written by Arch Bishop Alexis Don Menesis which was published at Portugal in the year 1906,he mentioned about a church and Christian community at Marabuli near Thodupuzha. The meaning of Portugeese word mara-buli is the other side of the river or away from the river. From this historical evidence we can conclude that this church is established in the year 1312 itself and it is an ancient church of Kerala.